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Live flight arrivals at Jersey Airport. Select a flight to monitor its status.

Sched.  Flight No.LocationStatus
06:05NPT023 Mail AircraftAs scheduled
07:55BE501 BirminghamAs scheduled
08:15EZY891 London GatwickAs scheduled
08:30BE6406 GuernseyAs scheduled
08:35BE302 Exeter / GuernseyAs scheduled
09:05BA2770 London GatwickAs scheduled
09:30BE6351 SouthamptonAs scheduled
09:50BE6412 GuernseyAs scheduled
10:30BE6455 London CityAs scheduled
11:10BE563 BirminghamAs scheduled
11:10/ AF6427 BirminghamAs scheduled
11:40BE453 ManchesterAs scheduled
11:40/ VS8442 ManchesterAs scheduled
11:40/ EY6133 ManchesterAs scheduled
11:40/ EK4195 ManchesterAs scheduled
11:40/ AY6675 ManchesterAs scheduled
12:35BE4443 DoncasterAs scheduled
13:00BE6420 GuernseyAs scheduled
13:10BE6367 SouthamptonAs scheduled
13:10BA2772 London GatwickAs scheduled
13:10/ IB4911 London GatwickAs scheduled
14:10EZY7023 LiverpoolAs scheduled
14:55BE1544 East MidlandsAs scheduled
15:00EZY6473 NewcastleAs scheduled
16:00BE245 SouthamptonAs scheduled
16:05BE311 ExeterAs scheduled
16:25BE512 Birmingham / GuernseyAs scheduled
16:25/ AI6146 Birmingham / GuernseyAs scheduled
16:25/ AF6409 Birmingham / GuernseyAs scheduled
16:50BA2774 London GatwickAs scheduled
16:55BE4585 CardiffAs scheduled
17:40BE6424 GuernseyAs scheduled
18:05BE6495 BristolAs scheduled
18:20EZY895 London GatwickAs scheduled
19:00BE6442 GuernseyAs scheduled
19:00BA2776 London GatwickAs scheduled
20:10EZY897 London GatwickAs scheduled
20:20BE6463 London CityAs scheduled
20:40EZY2311 London LutonAs scheduled
20:40BE6391 SouthamptonAs scheduled
20:40BA2778 London GatwickAs scheduled
20:40/ IB4912 London GatwickAs scheduled

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