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Live flight departures from Jersey Airport. Select a flight to monitor its status.

Sched.  Flight No.LocationStatus
09:50SI2206 ExeterAirborne at 10:07
09:50/ LM2206 ExeterAirborne at 10:07
11:55EZY894 London GatwickAs scheduled
12:20SI3360 SouthamptonAs scheduled
12:20/ LM2360 SouthamptonAs scheduled
12:40SI4419 GuernseyAs scheduled
13:45BA2773 London HeathrowAs scheduled
13:45/ QR5893 London HeathrowAs scheduled
13:45/ IB7734 London HeathrowAs scheduled
14:10SI5554 East MidlandsAs scheduled
14:10/ LM2054 East MidlandsAs scheduled
14:15EZY2312 London LutonAs scheduled
14:55EZY7022 LiverpoolAs scheduled
15:00SI4484 BristolAs scheduled
15:00/ LM2484 BristolAs scheduled
17:50BA2775 London HeathrowAs scheduled
17:50/ QR6296 London HeathrowAs scheduled
17:50/ IB7660 London HeathrowAs scheduled
18:00SI4433 GuernseyAs scheduled
18:20SI3390 SouthamptonAs scheduled
18:20/ LM2390 SouthamptonAs scheduled
20:25EZY898 London GatwickAs scheduled

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Flying today? Please continue to check flight information boards at the airport and listen to passenger announcements.