Government of Jersey

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Animal Health and Welfare Emergency Line

Phone:01534 441617

Crimestoppers Jersey

Phone:0800 555 111

Customs and Immigration Service - Confidential freephone 

Phone:0800 735 5555

Emergency Department (Hospital)

Phone:01534 442264

Environmental Protection hotline

Phone:01534 709535

GP Out of Hours - Jersey Doctors on Call

Phone:01534 445445

Grouville Centenier

Phone:07797 710321

Jersey Electricity Company Emergency

Phone:01534 505050

Jersey Gas Emergency line

Phone:01534 755555

Jersey Water 24 Hour Emergency Contact

Phone:01534 707302

Operations and Transport at Infrastructure, Housing and Environment

Phone:01534 445509

Operations and Transport at Infrastructure, Housing and Environment (Septic tank services)

Phone:01534 445509

Pollution Hotline

Phone:01534 709535

St Brelade Centenier

Phone:01534 741175

St Clement Centenier

Phone:07797 711392

St Helier Centenier

Phone:07829 722227

St John Centenier

Phone:01534 866560

St Lawrence Centenier

Phone:07797 715602

St Martin Centenier

Phone:01534 612612

St Mary Centenier

Phone:07797 712972

St Ouen Centenier

Phone:07797 724901

St Peter Centenier

Phone:07797 720111

St Saviour Centenier

Phone:07797 716661

States of Jersey Police

Phone:01534 612612

Trinity Centenier

Phone:07797 712460

Women’s Refuge

Phone:0800 735 6836