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What is this site? is the Government of Jersey’s mobile site.

Why have we created a mobile site?

Two thirds of visits to Government of Jersey websites are using mobile devices and this is growing steadily.

The site focuses on information that people are likely to need while 'out and about' such as weather and travel information. Pages have been optimised to download to your phone quickly, to minimise the amount of data sent to your phone and to minimise roaming charges.

Why isn’t this an app?

Apps have to be written for specific types of smartphone such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry. This mobile site will work on all those types of phone, so the site is usable by many more smartphone users in Jersey for less cost to the taxpayer.

Why doesn't it work on my particular mobile?

The site is compatible with many smartphones, tablets and e-readers but will not display properly on older or more basic devices.

Why doesn’t it include all the content that is on

The site is now mobile-friendly, so you can access that instead of if you prefer.

Can I report a bug or suggest a feature?

The follows the release early, release often philosophy of software development. We are keen to receive feedback and suggestions for new features. Popular or easy to implement features will be incorporated into future versions. Send your feedback to